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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Charter Schools & Teachers Unions

Source: Liberty Pen-
Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Charter Schools & Teachers Unions

Education is one of the most important part of any economy. Without a good education system, we can't produce the workers we need to have a strong economy. The workers to fill the high-skilled jobs that we need to have a strong economy and good society- teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. And without educated workers, we won't have the market that we need that will be able to purchase the products that we need to purchase the products that we produce and we would end up importing a lot more than we already do. This is something that education unions don't understand, or haven't acknowledged. Because it's in their interest of survival to just have public schools and no competition, because then they won't have any competition and their members will always have a job in education. Whether they deserve to have that job or not. This is why our education system has dropped as far as it has in the last twenty years.

This is one of the reasons why we are now importing workers to fill jobs that we don't have enough Americans qualified to fill. If we are producing more well-educated workers, we would be able to create not just more jobs in America, but good high-skilled jobs. With good pay and benefits, to pay the taxes that so-called Progressives want them to, to support all of those programs they like. This is why choice in education is so important whether it's charter schools or public school choice, something I also support. Where parents could send their kids to the best school for them, instead of being forced by the school district to send their kids to a school, based on where they live. Because it would force all public schools to either do a good job, actually teach their students to the point that they are actually learning and can remember what they learned. Otherwise face the possibility of losing those students to a better school, where they can get the education that they aren't getting.

What school choice does is gives the parents the option of sending their kids to another school. Because now they will have other options other than to send their kids to a school, where the kids aren't learning and perhaps be able to send their kids to a school, where they wouldn't have to worry about public safety and focus on getting a good education. This would also be good for so-called Progressives (Social Democrats/Democratic Socialists in actuality) because we would have a better skilled workforce to pay the taxes to fund the social programs that they want.