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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Killing California's Costly Death Penalty": California Looking to Save Money on its Corrections System

I'm pro Death Penalty for certain types of murderers, that are one definitely guilty, enjoy murdering people and aren't sorry for what they did. Which would make them a threat to murder again, even other inmates in prison, which is one reason why Life Without Parole, wouldn't be adequate for offenders like this. Ted Bundy comes to mind, even in prison Jeffrey Dahmer had the wanting to murder again but was in Wisconsin a State without the Death Penalty. Had Jeff Dahmer committed his murders in Illinois, he would've received the Death Penalty. But in California's case a State where their Death Penalty System is so screwed up where inmates have served up to thirty years on Death Row. Because they are very efficient in getting through their Appeals Process, releasing inmates that are found innocent or getting through bogus appeals of inmates that are clearly guilty. I mean once you've already spent ten years on Death Row, the State has basically decided that they aren't ready to execute you and if you are even guilty or not. And have basically passed at that point, so they and Tax Payers would probably be better off amending the sentence to Life Without Parole.

California leaves too many inmates on Death Row and for too long and with the situation that their economy is in right now and with their debt and deficit. They really need to examine the costs that their State Government puts on its Tax Payers and where they can cut costs and make reforms for the future. Death Row would be an example of that, instead of housing inmates in isolation for thirty years, look into giving Convicted Murderers that could be held for a long Appeals Process, complicated case and all of that. Life Without Parole and give them a Prison Classification based on their crimes and what threat they represent to the prison and other inmates. Instead of housing them on Death Row for decades rotting away at Tax Payers expense, when perhaps the prison and State would be better off if that inmate was working in prison and contributing to their cost of living.

Thats what Californians will get a chance to consider in November, another opportunity to cut the costs of their government doing business at their expense. A chance to cut some of its costs in its Corrections System and perhaps a more affordable way to house Convicted Murderers in the future. With their economy, debt and deficit are right now, they should take a long look at this proposal.