Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Politics of Poker: Why It's Time To Legalize Online Gaming: Economics over Nanny Statists

Imagine having money and deciding to spend it in a way that you want to do with it, not exactly a fantasy right we all do that with our own money everyday. Now imagine wanting to spend that money in a way that doesn't hurt anyone, maybe not even yourself. You are not paying for a hit on someone or paying someone to beat someone up, you are not paying for a robbery, you are not paying for anything that can hurt someone else. Your are not buying slaves to use as another example, you made that money and decided that this is how you want to spend it. We do these things every single day and now imagine government or Uncle Sam saying you can't spend the money you made from the work you do. And again you are not spending that money in a way that can hurt anyone but some Nanny Statist, who probably has his or her own foot stuck up their ass, pardon the expression. So up tight or so board with their own lives, that they've decided that they are going to mind someone else's business. Because their business is so boring and live such a Conservative life. That they've now taken it upon themselves to protect people from themselves, thats what Illegal Gaming is about and why its Illegal. Because government is worried that people may lose their own money.

Again like marijuana and prostitution, gambling is something thats always been with us and will always be with use. Whether its illegal or not and what's the worst that can happen, people make bad bets and lose their own money . What's the worst thing that can happen from driving, people can die in car crashes but we've decided as a country thats a risk worth taking and we can make driving safer through regulation. What's the worst thing that can happen from alcohol, people can die from all sorts of relates diseases from it and the same thing with tobacco. But again we've decided as a country that we can live with alcohol and tobacco, as long as we regulate them. Nobody dies from gambling, except perhaps victims of criminals but people can kill themselves with alcohol and tobacco, with all of the preventable diseases that come from them. As well as people can get killed by others over alcohol and tobacco.

Gambling is something thats always been with us as a country, whether it organized or not, we all take risks every single day. Hopefully for most of us, most of our risks pay off but we all make calculated risks, we don't flip coins to decide what we are going to do each day but we put thought into it. Thats what gambling is they are calculated risks and when they pay off we win and when they don't we lose and the more responsible amongst us. Win more bets then we lose and thats what gambling is about and making it illegal doesn't make it go away. It just means its done underground.