Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, July 20, 2012

Reason: Matt Welch Interviewing Judge Andrew Napolitano- Gary Johnson and The 2012 Presidential Election

I'm sure that Gary Johnson has figured out by now that he's not going to be elected president in 2012. That even finishing a solid third where he's at least in double figures, would be a big victory for him. He's currently running at 5% nationally and that's according to his own campaign. He's running just 13% in his home State of New Mexico, where he was governor for eight years, where he's clearly a name there. Unless this entire State of two-million people were in a coma or vacationing in Pakistan or somewhere outside of New Mexico that entire time. So I'm sure that New Mexicans have gotten the message that their former governor from 1995-03 is currently running for president in 2012.

But that's not the point or the goal of the Johnson Campaign. The goal of the Johnson Campaign should be divide and conquer, but in the most positive sense. Not in the Karl Rove sense where you win elections by destroying the other side. 'We know you don't like us, but you should dislike the other side even more. And vote for us by default.' The way Governor Johnson should divide and c conquer, is by pulling Liberal Democrats such as myself and the few Conservative and Libertarian Republicans that are left in the Republican Party, to vote for him.

And of course the Johnson Campaign, should be courting with every single Libertarian that's alive and breathing and eligible to vote in the United States. To get up to 10-15% in the national polls and get Federal financing for the 2016 elections. And get into the presidential debates and put the Libertarian Party on the map in American politics to make it a major third-party that can compete with Democrats and Republicans across the country. Not just in the West where libertarianism is strong.