Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"What We Saw at the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum": The History of The War on Drugs

Here's some things that you may not see if you go to the US Drug Enforcement Administration's Museum, that if I had to take a wild guess. That Tax Payers are paying for, the hundreds of thousands of people including narcotics addicts that are currently in prison right now. That serve relatively short sentences, don't get any help for their addiction in prison and leave prison the way they entered it. Addicted to narcotics, including perhaps some legal narcotics as well, end up back on the streets, getting themselves involved in the things that landed them in prison. End up back in prison and the revolving door in the War on Drugs gets pushed and moved around again. Because Drug Warriors feel they need to protect people from themselves for their own good, even if that means locking them up in jail or prison and making their lives even worse. Because you gotta know that a lot of people who are victims of the War on Drugs, aren't narcotics dealers. But people who buy those narcotics from the narcotics dealers, as well as people who don't get arrested for using, lets say cocaine but they are in simple possession of cocaine. And simple possession can get someone landed in prison for years.

Another thing you probably won't see at the DEA Museum, is the 1T$ in taxes that Americans have paid to fight the War on Drugs. And the fact that more people have used narcotics and are in prison for narcotics today, then when this War started in 1971 and when USDEA was created by President Nixon. You want to talk about Big Government supporters, President Nixon is a perfect example of that, the Author of the War on Drugs the man who created it by putting it into Federal Law. President Nixon did some good things but at least as far as I'm concern, the War on Drugs is his biggest failure. Because of all the money that we've spent on it and the fact that we now have more drug addicts then we did forty one years ago and the marijuana. Is one of the most commonly used drugs in America, if not the most commonly used drug in this country. People prefer it over alcohol and tobacco because the side effects aren't as bad.

I've never been to the DEA Museum and is something I would probably like to see and would find interesting. But I'm guessing what they show there is a lot of pictures of cocaine and heroin being seized, drug dealers being captured and locked up in prison what they would describe. As the positive aspects of the War on Drugs, instead of all the money thats been spent on it and victims of it.