Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Barry Goldwater: To The Future From The Past: What Made Barry Goldwater a Conservative Rather Then Libertarian

What makes Barry Goldwater different from Ron Paul is a lot, yes they do have plenty in common. But they also have plenty of differences and this idea that Ron Paul is the Barry Goldwater of 2012, a lot of that is nonsense. For example on Tax Reform and, Ron Paul's idea of Tax Reform is to eliminate all taxes all together, at least from the Federal Government. Whereas Barry Goldwater called for a Flat Tax, I believe in his 1964 Presidential Campaign. On Foreign Policy Senator Goldwater believed in what later became known as Peace Through Strength, that you only negotiate when you are strong. And are strong enough to defend yourself against whatever the opposition may be and then you can negotiate with people who can and are willing to negotiate. Representative Paul's idea of Foreign Policy and National Security, is that if we don't attack them, they won't attack us. That the larger our military is, the weaker we are and become more prone to be attacked. Senator Goldwater was a Conservative Internationalist, whereas Representative Paul is more of a Libertarian Isolationist, that is if we aren't directly under attacked, we should not get involved. And a lot of times when we have been attacked, its been our fault.

Here's another thing that Ron Paul not only has in common with Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan as well. Neither one of them is far enough to the right to win the Republican Nomination for President, because when they both talked about the dangers of Big Government, they are actually serious. And mean what they say, they just don't go off on Big Government when it affects the economy or Religious Freedom for Christians but they are actually against Big Government all together. Barry Goldwater was never friends with the Religious Right and they never liked him, had they liked him in 1964, that Presidential Election would've probably been a lot closer. They are both two of the most honest people to ever serve in Congress and they aren't just honest for politicians. Someone whose honest for a politician would be like someone whose skinny for a pig, not saying anything. Barry and Ron are both very honest.

When you think of Conservatives, think of Barry Goldwater, when you think of Libertarians, think of Ron Paul. Similar in the sense that they both hate Big Government and hate Big Government across the board but different in how they would deal with Tax and Foreign Policy. Also similar in how they would decentralize the Federal Government, Barry would send a lot of power back to the States but Ron would just eliminate a lot of Federal Programs all together. Similar but not the same.