Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, August 13, 2012

Financial Survival Network: Kerry Lutz Interviewing Gary Johnson- Proven Budget Cuter From New Mexico

With all the talk about the debt and deficit and what we should do about it if anything the last four years and most of it has been just talk including the so called Ryan Plan, I've only seen four serious plans the last four years to pay down our debt and deficit. President Obama hasn't offered one, Congressional Republicans and Democrats in the House or Senate haven't offered one. But a committee of people have offered one. The Bowles/Simpson Commission back in late 2010, Republican Senator Tom Coburn authored his own plan back in the summer of 2011. During the debate over the raising the debt ceiling.

Libertarian Republican Representative Ron Paul, offered one this year and Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, came out with his own plan last year as well. I'm not saying these are the plans I would've written myself, even though I like aspects of all of them. Bowles/Simpson and the Johnson plans are the best. But they are the only serious plans out there, because they all recognize the serious financial issues the country faces and offer real solutions. In how to deal with these problems, unlike President Obama, Governor Romney or the House Republicans. Senate Democrats aren't even in the game yet as far as offering their own plan.

If you are actually serious about deficit reduction and don't just like the issue or like talking about it and most what has been said about deficit reduction has been talk, then you understand the need to basically reform the Federal budget. Look at the key areas of the Federal budget that are the most expensive and figure out ways to make those things that we actually need more efficient and eliminate the things that we don't need and can't afford. And these key areas are entitlements and the broader safety net, the defense budget, the tax code and Federal Government reform.

Does the Federal Government need to manage all of the public services that it does, even the things that we need in this country. Or are there better ways to run these public services and have them run by other people. To make them more efficient and more effective. So they perform better public services for the people. Bowles-Simpson, Senator Coburn, Representative Paul and Governor Johnson, are the only people that have brought serious proposals to deal with these debt and deficit issues. And if you've noticed, none of the people who have offered these proposals, are running for president. Or have a legitimate shot of getting elected president in 2012. And part of that is because what it takes to address these issues, a lot of Americans aren't ready to hear about yet.