Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Cato Institute: The Charter School Paradox: The Role of Charter Schools

I'm for anything that improves Education in America, especially Public Education which is where most of our students will most likely. Be going to school today and into the future, thats just the case Public Schools are here to stay as much as Libertarians may want to eliminate them. So given that reality, with the hundred or so Americans that go to Public Schools in America. We need to make those Public Schools work as well as possible, which they aren't today not even close. And thats where Charter Schools come in that are Public Schools but are run independently. Charter Schools are able to hold their students accountable, if you don't succeed and you don't learn there. You don't move on and you'll not be in that school in the future, you'll probably end up back in a regular Public School or a Special Needs School. Which gives the educators, students and parents extra motivation for these students to succeed, there's also additional motivation for the educators to do a good job as well. If their students aren't succeeding, they'll be out of a job or have to go through retraining and they are also paid for their quality of service, not time of service. Unlike regular Public Schools where the opposite is true.

Charter Schools aren't the answer to Education Reform in America but they are certainly an answer to what we should be doing. And how Charter Schools are run should be the way we run our other Public Schools, where the educators, students, as well as parents are held accountable for what they do. Where people are not advance just because of how long they've been doing what they are doing and where we don't give educators pay raises based on how long they've been doing something. But instead we pay people based on how well they do their jobs.