Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Learn Liberty: US Prison Population: The Largest in the World: How to be More Free as a Country

Even though the United States boasts about being a Liberal Democracy and to a large extent it is and as a Liberal Democrat I'm proud of that. We have about 2M people who don't live in liberty, who are incarcerated and a lot of people are in prison or under some type of Public Supervision. Because they deserve to be but a lot of those same people who are incarcerated are partly as a result of society. Came from bad homes, weren't raised correctly, stuck going to bad schools and as a result of these things. End up dropping out of school and falling into wrong crowds, the Cult Leader Charlie Manson comes to mind and there are criminals who are. Raised well, come from good homes, even go to college or finish college but end up becoming Serial Murderers. Ted Bundy comes to mind but the real problems with our Criminal Justice System, as well as all of our inmates that are ignorant. And uneducated and even remain thatway while in prison, are in prison partially as a result of what I call the Protective Class. A group of people that are politically somewhat diverse, both left and right, who feel the need to protect people from themselves, even if that means sending them to prison where they'll end up being in danger.

A large percentage of our inmates or people who were once in prison and I don't know the official figure, are in prison for what they did to themselves. Hundreds of thousands of inmates are in prison as a result of the War on Drugs and I bet you most of those people aren't Narcotics Dealers but Narcotics Addicts who are in prison. Partially for stealing to feed their addiction and also for either possessing or using narcotics and end up leaving prison addicted to drugs. We also have people in prison for gambling their own money. For prostitution or running a Prostitution Operation, we have a lot of people who are in prison for what they did to themselves, rather then what they did to others. And as a result get sent to prison and are now in danger, where all they learn is how to survive if they are successful or how to become criminals, something they didn't know how to. Before they entered the Criminal Justice System.

To cut down on our prison population so we can truly be a Liberal Democracy and have an effective CJS. Thats also affordable, we have to do several things, as they relate to education, including education Low Skilled workers with kids, so they can get good jobs and raise their kids better. As well as better education for their kids, as well as preparing our inmates for life on the outside, so they don't com back to prison. But the easiest step would be to stop arresting people for what they do to themselves.