Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, August 24, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Liberty News Network: President Obama vs. Romney on Social Issues: What's The Difference

Other the maybe access to abortion and that President Obama has now decided that he's fine with Same Sex Marriage and that it won't hurt him politically. What's the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on Social Issues, there are plenty of differences between the two of them and the Far Right on Social Issues. That Mitt Romney wants to keep quiet, good luck Mitt but these are two basically Moderate-Liberal guys on Social Issues, who both have Statist views when it comes. To the War on Drugs, War on Terror and perhaps gambling and prostitution and both believe, that homosexuals shouldn't be discriminated against based on their sexuality, except for marriage. Neither candidate really pushes Social Issues that much, President Obama is worried about offending Independents and Mitt is worried about offending the Far Right. Because he simply disagrees with them on most of these issues and he needs their support to get elected. Neither one of them are huge believers in Freedom of Choice, they both believe there's a role for Big Government to protect people, even at times from themselves. So if Social Issues are a big concern with you for this election, then you probably aren't going to be very happy with either Mitt or Barack.

As I've blogged before if the Presidential Election was purely about ideology and who I believe would be the best President. I would vote for Gary Johnson even though I'm a Democrat and the Gary Johnson is with the Libertarian Party but since Gary doesn't have an ice balls chance in hell of being elected President anytime soon. And this election is really about Mitt and Barack, I'm picking the best of this choice, Mitt Romney and a Tea Party Congress would be a disaster for the country. Even though he's not with them on most Social Issues, he wouldn't be strong enough to take them on. So this election is about the economy and keeping Neoconservatives from running Social Policy in the United States, which is why I'm voting for the President.