Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, August 23, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Liberty Pen: Open End with Ron Suskind: "Property Rights Up In Smoke": Regulation vs Prohibition

Tobacco is the perfect example of why regulation beats prohibition, as bad as tobacco is with all of the diseases its linked to. We'll never be able to eliminate tobacco from America, this is a realization that we've made as a country, that we are not going to try to protect Americans from themselves. When it comes to tobacco and alcohol and its time we made the same decision with marijuana as well but the debate when it comes to tobacco is a little different. Because when a non smoker such as myself or someone else is in the presence of any other non smoker. The tobacco of the smoker directly affects the health of the non smoker, 2nd hand smoking is actually worse for you then 1st hand smoking. Which is why people are prohibited from smoking tobacco in a lot of public places. Like hospitals and schools to use as examples. If you are in the hospital for Lung Cancer, a horrible disease, the last thing you need to do is breathing someone else's tobacco, breathing is already hard enough. So we've decided as a country that people have the Freedom of Choice in whether to smoke tobacco or not but they don't have the Freedom of Choice to decide whether others should be forced to smoke as well.

As a Liberal I'm a big believer in Freedom of Choice but again a long as people aren't hurting innocent people with the choices that they make. We aren't saying as a country generally that Americans can't smoke or can't smoke in bars and that sorta thing but what we are saying is that smokers can't force others to breathe their smoke. Which is why we have smoking sections in bars and non smoking sections. Smoking in America is essentially the freedom to hurt yourself but not the freedom to hurt others with your smoking.