Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: President Obama Rips Paul Ryan On Medicare: How to Reform Medicare Instead

What I don't like about Representative Paul Ryan's approach to reforming Medicare which isn't much different from Governor Mitt Romney's. Is that instead of creating more choice in Medicare and in Health Insurance, it takes away choice for seniors who may want to stay on Medicare. Because it would literally force seniors out of the Medicare System and into the private Health Insurance Industry, whether they want that or not. Instead of giving them a choice and be able to make that decision for themselves where to get their Health Insurance, what it does instead is gives seniors. A voucher and tells seniors you are now off of Medicare and have to find Health Insurance on their own, people who could be in their late 60s at this point, depending on how Medicare is reformed in the future. Chances are people with Medical Records and perhaps have some type of medical condition and this voucher doesn't cover the whole costs for people to purchase private Health Insurance. So the costs of seniors Health Insurance would end up going up, they would end up having to pay more out of pocket, then they would on Medicare, to pay for their Healthcare. Limiting or restricting choice, is not the way to reform our Healthcare System.

I like the idea of giving seniors a choice in where they get their Health Insurance, Hell I like giving all Americans the choice of where to get their Health Insurance. One of the reasons I'm for the Public Option in Healthcare Reform, which would allow adults under 65 to buy into Medicare and use that as their Health Insurance. Which down the road would bring down the costs of Medicare, because younger healthier people would be part of the Medicare System. And I like the idea and this was one of the options of the Public Option as part of the Healthcare Reform debate. In 2009-10 that would allow each State to set up their own Medicare Program, sorta like with Medicaid and give Americans the ability to choose for themselves where to get their Health Insurance. They could choose Medicare or they could stay in the private Health Insurance Market and people who can't afford Health Insurance would get a Tax Credit to pay for it.

There are ways to reform Medicare and there are ways not to reform Medicare and most of the ways I've heard are bad. And some of them are good and the worst is essentially eliminate Medicare and replace it with vouchers and leaving it up to the private Health Insurance Industry. In who should get Health Insurance and who not and these decisions wouldn't be made based on peoples ability to pay but how much it would cost a Health Insurer to cover them.