Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, August 16, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: The Presidential Referendum?: How The GOP is Losing its Own Referendum

I use to believe that if the 2012 Presidential Election was about a referendum, meaning that if this Election. Was about whether President Obama has been a good President or not, no matter who the opponent was, that the President would automatically lose, because of where the economy is. The President has had four years to fix it and so fourth. And that if this Election was about a choice, between the President and his opponent, that the President would have a much better chance of winning. Because Americans aren't crazy about any of the Republican Presidential Candidates, Mitt Romney has a very low Approval Rating and so fourth and that Americans would essentially be stuck with a choice they don't want. And it could be a choice between the devil you know, meaning Barack Obama and the devil you don't know, meaning Mitt Romney. And the devil you know tends to win elections like that, 2004 was an excellent example of that, where voters didn't really like either John Kerry or George Bush. But now I'm not so sure of that especially with the Romney/Ryan Campaign pushing Medicare Reform as much as they have. An issue that Republicans never beat Democrats on.

Democrats want to debate Medicare especially with Republicans whenever possible, this is an issue they've owned. Really since 1965, its probably the most popular thing that the Federal Government does and is something that Democrats and a few Liberal Republicans voted for and created back in 1964-65. The Romney/Ryan Plan that would force seniors out of Medicare and into the Health Insurance Industry with a voucher, is not a popular idea even within the GOP as a whole. There are plenty of Senior Republicans in Florida and other places and the more Mitt and Paul talk about Medicare, the less time they are talking about the bad economy. The main issue that Republicans want to make this Presidential Referendum about. Plus the fact that their Presidential Nominee has an Approval Rating of around 41%, lower then President Obama's. Republicans have made this Presidential Election a Referendum but they haven't figured out how to win it.

Mitt Romney could lose this Presidential Referendum that Republicans have been successful in creating all by himself. With all of his gaffes and with Congressional Republicans especially in the House, already running away from the Romney/Ryan Plan, the plan that every single Democrat. Incumbent or candidate will use against their opponents in the fall, Mitt Romney still has to make the sell to win this Presidential Referendum.