Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Reason TV: Are Religious Conservatives Still Relevant in the GOP?: How Religious Conservatism is Destroying The GOP

A lot of times what you hear from Republicans today is that the Federal Government is too big and that its out of control and is taking our freedom away. And then on the other hand, things like pornography, homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage, premarital sex, out of wedlock births and Hollywood are. Also destroying America and that these things need to be limited if not outlawed and we need new limits on how Americans can live their lives, if that message sounds contradictory to you. Government is too big here which is bad but its too small here, which is also bad. If that sounds contradictory to you, you would be correct but why is that so, why do Republicans today preach against Big Government. While at the same time they are preaching against it, because when they are speaking against Big Government, they are talking about it as it relates to the economy. And Religious Freedom, well Christian Freedom, which at least for the Leadership of the GOP, that now includes Catholics. And when they are preaching in favor of Big Government, they are speaking about Social Issues, what they apparently don't understand and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. That Big Government is Big Government whether it relates to Economic Policy or Social Issues.

There are still some Republicans in Congress and out of Congress that are against Big Government period. Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan still has influence on some Republicans today but they are either getting kicked out of the party or facing Primary Challenges. Like Senator Olympia Snowe in Maine or they are getting kicked out of the party, like Gary Johnson. Whose now the Libertarian Nominee for President or they represent States or Districts, that are with them on the issues. Which makes them popular in the GOP there, the Republicans there, are actually Conservative, like Massachusetts with Senator Scott Brown who I predict will be reelected in November. Or are Libertarian in the District that Representative Ron Paul represents in Texas. Instead of celebrating these Republicans for being popular with their party there, Neoconservatives instead try to kick them out of office and put one of their members in there.

Its not Conservatism thats destroying the GOP but Neoconservatism, people who are big believers in Economic Freedom. But want to put new limits on our Social Freedom and control how Americans can live their own lives, because as the GOP has moved even further right across the board in America. The rest of the country has moved left on Social Issues, so when a Neoconservative beats a Conservative, the incumbent in a primary. They put in danger that office for the Republican Party that will be facing a Democrat whose Center Left and this is costing the GOP elections.