Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reason TV: Cato's David Lampo: "Why the GOP Should Embrace Gay Rights": Why The GOP Should Embrace Individual Freedom

For today's Republican Party to remain relevant in he future as a major Political Party. Unless they are able to deny enough people who wouldn't normally vote for them because of where they are politically today, the ability to vote with Voter ID/Prevention. They are going to have to change course on where they are politically on Social Issues, otherwise they'll lose most of the young voters in the future as well all of of the Minority Groups. And be stuck with rural Anglo Saxon Protestant Voters and most of these people will be older as well as men. And this population is not growing but shrinking. While the Democratic Party will be left with the rest of the country, unless and Independence Party thats made up Fiscal Conservatives and socially moderate to tolerant voters. Which is where the GOP use to be and a party like this emerges with what use to be called Northeastern Republicans, people who are Fiscally Conservative but also Socially Conservative but in the classical sense, people who don't like Big Government in the wallets or bedrooms, people like Gerry Ford, former President of the United States.

I predict that within ten years that today's GOP will be gone, the Neoconservatives will of either of died off. The GOP will moderate or a new Republican Party will emerge, replacing today's GOP, just with a different name like an Independence Party, made up of the people I described. The Ross Perot's of the World that don't feel comfortable in today's Neoconservative GOP and these people will of left the GOP to become part of this Independence Party and perhaps the Libertarian Party will merge. With this party as well, today's GOP is simply not built to last, because the more they've moved right, the rest of the country has moved left. Creating huge opportunities for Democrats if they play it right and the Progressives don't take over. Because Liberal Democracy doesn't work well in a One Party State and we are going to need a Conservative Alternative to the Democrats. Whether the GOP moderates on Social Issues or a new Fiscally Conservative and Socially Conservative but in the classical sense party emerges.

Homosexuals just because they tend to be Liberal on Social Issues and feel unwelcome by Neoconservatives in the GOP. Aren't natural Democrats, there are plenty of them like the Log Cabin Republicans who feel more comfortable with Republican Economic Policy and who aren't Big Government Progressives. So these voters don't really have a home right now, which opens the door for a new Conservative Party to emerge.