Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, August 20, 2012

Reason TV: A Conversation with Cato's David Boaz at Freedom Fest 2012: Libertarians in America

If you take polls of Americans on where they stand on Economic or Social Policy, you'll find that they tend to not like government being involved in their lives. As far what they can do economically or how they can live their own lives. They tend to not like government interference but want government to protect us from the harm of others. That its government's job to protect us from criminals essentially but not interfere with how we live our own lives. 40% of the country are Independents, they tend to like Republicans more on Economic Policy but like Democrats more on Social Policy and lately on Foreign Policy as well. They tend to believe in things like government should try to help people who are down but not try to control us or protect us from ourselves. They don't like Culture Warriors on the right but they also don't like people who I would call Economic Warriors on the left. Progressives who believe there's a bigger role for the Federal Government in the economy, taxing, spending and regulating more. This is something that I believe both Barry Goldwater who had the famous line, of get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Something that Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton believed in as well but that government needs to be there to protect us from criminals and help people who are down get themselves back up.

This should play very well with Libertarians whether they are Republican, Democratic or in the Libertarian Party. That there's an audience out there that believes in Individual Freedom, thats more Centrist then Libertarians but still believe in these concepts. Of Individual Freedom and Responsibility, hard work, that you should be rewarded for what you produce and no more. That we should be held accountable for our actions and be able to live our own lives, without government interfering to protect us from ourselves. But the thing is even the Independents who are familiar with Libertarianism or the Libertarian Party. Sees Libertarians as people who want to end the Safety Net and shrink the Federal Government down to just a few departments. And Independents don't tend to be that far to the right on Fiscal Policy but do believe in things like Fiscal Responsibility and low taxes but not ending taxes all together.

This is one reason why I'm such a fan of Gary Johnson because even though he's the Libertarian Presidential Nominee. He gives the LP a new voice and is telling Americans yes I'm with the LP but I'm not crazy, I believe in things like Individual Freedom and Responsibility. As well as low taxes but I'm not running to eliminate taxes all together, just to lower them and make the Tax Code understandable. And I don't want to eliminate the Safety Net, just to make it more efficient and have it perform better services. A message like this could appeal to Independents.