Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, August 27, 2012

Reason: "Did the GOP Pick Tampa Because of the Strippers?": The Anti Porn GOP Headed to The Porn Capital of America

I find it ironic that the Republican Party a Party that preaches the importance of what they see as Family Values and where several of its most outspoken members. Including people who even ran for President this time around and where there is a lot of Neoconservative Republican support. For a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw pornography in America, is headed to Tampa, Florida, Strip Club Capital of the United States. Of course maybe I shouldn't be surprise, considering that this is the same GOP thats constantly complaining about Big Government and that the Federal Government is too big. And a threat to our freedom and yet at least several of their outspoken members wants to empower the Federal Government to be able to control what Americans can do in their free time, what they. Can do on their own Private Property, in the privacy of their own homes and what they can do with their own money. The Federal Government in a lot of cases is too small for today's Neoconservative GOP, that is no longer the Goldwater/Reagan Republican Party that Barry and Ronny worked hard to put together. Thanks to Barry and Ronny, Goldwater and Reagan and this didn't happen intentionally, the Religious Right is now a big force in today's GOP.

What's next in 2016 the Republican Party will be headed to San Francisco or Seattle, the capitals of homosexuality and hippyism. I have a hard time believing that the GOP is in Tampa this year because they are after the porn vote if there's even such a thing. Or even the Libertarian vote, so why are they in Tampa, perhaps its because they are tired of seeing people that look just like them. Southern Rural Anglo Saxon Protestant men and want a breath of fresh air, which is what they'll get in Tampa.