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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Walter E Williams: Morality Crisis: How to Help People in Need

This is one area where Libertarianism lose me even though as a Liberal I like the broader message of Freedom of Choice. That people have the right to live their own lives as long as they are not hurting anyone with what they are doing. But Libertarians lose me on taxes, I understand they hate taxes, fine I get that, I don't like them either and have never met a non Progressive who doesn't like them. By the way Campaign for Americas Future, Progressive Activist Organization, has a blog out today celebrating the I believe the 100th Anniversary of the Federal Income Tax. Only Progressives are celebrating this today, so I get the Libertarian dislike but its how they dislike it, that I disagree with. By calling taxes theft or Unconstitutional, they either don't understand the concept or are distorting it. First of all theft is illegal, its taking someone's money without their permission illegally, taxes aren't theft because they are legal and according to the Taxing Power. Under the US Constitution they are well Constitutional, a Constitutional Amendment was added to the US Constitution. Making the Federal Income Tax both legal and Constitutional, apparently some Libertarians at least don't understand this.

I like the idea of Private Charity that provides people in need with items that people need to survive. Money, food, housing, clothing, healthcare etc, America would be a lot worst off if we didn't have Private Charity, the "Great Recession" would end up being the Greatest Recession or another Depression, without Private Charity, which should always be Private. The Public Safety Net was never designed to takeover the Private Charity System, nor will ever, nor should it. Doesn't mean we don't need it or life would be better without, one of the reasons why it was created in the 1930s. Because the Private Charity System wasn't able to adequately help everyone who needed it due to the "Great Depression". The Public Safety Net is not adequate enough either and doesn't meet all the needs of the people who need it as well. Its for the most part designed to help people in need while they still live in poverty, rather then help them out of poverty.

The Private Charity System is not enough to help everyone in need in America, not is the Public Safety Net, we basically have a two legged stool. In how we help people in need in America and what we should be doing instead with these systems. Is empowering the people who depend on them, to get the skills that they need so they can help themselves and not need charity of any kind. And we could do this exclusively with Private Charity by making it stronger and at some point could eliminate the Federal Safety Net, as the Private Charity System gets stronger.