Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, September 24, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: CNN Piers Morgan: Jesse Ventura Full Episode, Sept 17, 2012: The Role of Jesse Ventura in American Politics

I don't see Jesse Ventura running for President as a Libertarian, now or in the future, Gary Johnson has. That role locked up for this election and perhaps in 2016 if he wants it, even though Jesse Ventura definitely has Libertarian leanings and the Libertarian Party has finally gotten to the. Point where they can produce qualified candidates and may have passed the seriously test, that these people don't look like clowns trying to get into prime time but people who should be taken seriously. As not only candidates but politicians as well and I'm not sure that Jesse Ventura passes that test, not that he's not a serious candidate with a serious message but that he also would. Bring a lot of other baggage from outside of his political career, that could bring him new problems, Jesse Ventura got elected Governor of Minnesota under the Reform Party back in 1998 and had. An opportunity to advance what I call an Independence movement, a party that could take on Democrats and Republicans, because they would be socially Liberal-Libertarian and Fiscally Responsible. People who believe in Limited Government but lets call him Governor Ventura, he blew that opportunity when he left politics back in 2003.

Whether its the Libertarian Party or an Independence Party, Americans need at least one other choice. To choose besides the Democratic Party and I'm a Democrat and proud of it but right now in a lot of cases, the choice between a Democrat and a Republican, is choosing between someone like. Senator Mark Warner a very sane Moderate Liberal to Centrist Democrat whose very sane and intelligent but someone who can also offend people on the right and left, choosing between someone. Like that and someone like Rick Santorum and Todd Akin from the Republican Party, someone who can only speak and get people on the far right to back him and thats just not much of. A choice for most Americans, they are going to go with the sane guy or not vote at all, when we use to have a good choice between real Liberals and real Conservatives, people who truly. Love America but have different approaches when it comes to politics.

What Jesse Ventura could do is have people recruit him across the country and get him on the ballot. And be able to raise enough money to get this message of good Limited Government and Individual Freedom out there for the country. And then use the attention that comes from this attention, that builds a real third party, that can either compete with Democrats or Republicans or. Replace the Republican Party in the long term.