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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Commonsense Capitalism: Friederich Hayek on Socialism: The Diversity of Socialism

Socialism it depends on who ask but what I know about it, is that its a very diverse Political Ideology. Amongst the Progressive Political Ideologies, to its classic form, it means the State Owns The Means and Production of Society, meaning the economy, that there is no Private Enterprise. Or Property Rights in the country, the ultimate of Statist Political Ideologies, countries that still have this Economic System, are very few in numbers, even the Communist Republic of Cuba. Now has certain amount of Private Enterprise, what would be called State Capitalism, thats modeled after what the Communist Republic of China but there's also a modern form of Socialism or Progressivism. Thats called Democratic Socialism, where the country is a Democratic Republic and there is a certain level of Private Enterprise but where the State has a large. Role in the economy, providing basic Human Services that it doesn't trust the Private Market to provide, things like healthcare, Health Insurance, education, perhaps even pensions, as well. As well as a generous Welfare State for people who aren't able to fend for themselves, this type of Economic System is very common in Europe, thats made up of several different Socialist Democracies.

But thats just the Economic Policy of what Socialism looks like, depending on what form it is. There's a Socialist Philosophy that relates to Social Issues, there Socialists who look like Liberal or Libertarians on Social Issues, that believe in a high level of Social Freedom. And then there are Socialists or Progressives who look more like Statists on Social Issues, who not only. Believe that the State has an obligation to provide a quality of life for its people financially but where the State also has role to play to make sure that people are as safe as possible. And not making bad decisions, making Social Freedom fairly limited and limiting what people can say to each other in public, what they can eat and drink, what they can do with their own. Lives where Social Freedom and privacy would actually be fairly limited, we've already seen this in New York with the soft drink bans, as well as crackdowns on marijuana and pornography.

And there's also a Socialist Foreign and National Security Policy, that looks dovish and can either be isolationist. Or internationalist, depending on the Socialist, so when you think of Socialists, don't automatically think of Fidel Castro, who believes the State's job is to protect. And look after it people so they don't make big mistakes with their own lives and freedom has to be limited as a result and remember Fidel is also a Communist. A Socialist can also believe in Private Enterprise but that the State also has a role to provide things that they. Don't believe the Private Sector can be trusted to provide.