Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Politically Correct History: Workers Rights

Source: Liberty Pen- John Stossel-
Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Politically Correct History

As much as Libertarians talk about the need for individual freedom and I'll give them this they do a very good job when it comes to individual freedom, but there's at least one area where they come short. And that is workers rights and organized labor. If Libertarians were ever in charge of the Federal Government, these things would be gone. Libertarians believe in free enterprise so much, at least as it relates to business's and employers, that they are willing to give employers all the power at the expense of workers. Because without organized labor workers would then become subjects of not the state, but the people they work for. Without the freedom to stand up and negotiate better conditions, because we would all be on our own and maybe some workers would be able to get those better conditions, but other workers deserve better conditions wouldn't be able to. This is one reason why I can't be a Libertarian and will always be a Liberal, because I believe in individual freedom, but for all of us.

Not just for employers, but for the people who keep these employers in business. That capitalism is great and a big reason why America has the largest economy in the world, but the workers are a big reason why American capitalism is so great. Not saying organized labor is perfect, far from it actually and they've had their share of corruption in the past and perhaps still today. And they do have too much influence on government, especially so-called Progressive Democrats and as it relates to Education Reform, where they are against. It almost across the board except for paying teachers more, including bad ones and spending more money on public schools, including bad ones. But without organized labor, workers would lose a big check they can use against employers when they go too far. Like laying off productive workers, or cutting back on benefits, so they can pay executives more money. When you have organized labor, employers have a harder time doing things like that and good workers with good jobs get those jobs saved as a result. American capitalism works best when both sides have a stake in the game to make the employer they work for as successful as possible.