Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reason: Boob Over Bottle: Mike Bloomberg's Latest Nanny State Dictate: The Nanny Statist of The Week

I got an idea, lets ban freedom and choice all together, no really why do we need freedom, when we got. New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg here to protect us from ourselves, we could have an agency or department, called the US Department or Agency of Self Protection, designed to protect us from ourselves. We could have agents all over the place monitoring places that we eat at or where we may drive or ride a bike, buy alcohol or tobacco or junk food, there to stop us from making bad choices. And if we refuse, they arrest us for attempting to be unhealthy and if they catch doing unhealthy things, they'll arrest us and send us to jail where we would get to eat food thats even worse. For us and junk we probably end up vomiting, if we are not harden criminals use to eating that, lets say garbage before Mayor Bloomberg attempts to fine me for using foul language in public. If you are a Progressive or Neoconservative and you just read this, I know you are thinking, yeah! Damn straight who needs freedom when we can protect each other from making bad choices and live in a safe peaceful World, where mistakes aren't made and people can't stay awake because. Of the pure boredom in a society like this but I have news for you, I'm just kidding.

My advice for Mayor Bloomberg not that he would ever take it, I believe in Individual Freedom, he believes in State Protection. Is that before he tries to save people from themselves, why don't he first save himself by making sure he's living as safe and as dull of a life as possible. That he apparently wants the rest of the country to live or at least the 8M people living in NYC and then after he accomplishes all of that, get a life man, we live in a Liberal Democracy. Not an Authoritarian State, we are free to live our own lives and yes what comes from freedom also, comes mistakes, thats part of being human, something I'm not sure that Mayor Bloomberg. Has ever figured out but what also comes with freedom, is people making a lot of good choices as well, because all the info is out there for them to make those good choices, thats what living in Liberal Democracy is all about.