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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, September 17, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Reason TV: It's Time to Legalize Hemp!: Q&A With CEO of Dr. David Bronner

Its hard to think of dumber things in America then the War on Drugs, especially as it relates to Marijuana Prohibition. And thats saying a lot, we are a country of 320M people with more then our share of dumb people, where we have Presidential Candidates who actually say things like. Same Sex Marriage and pornography are threats to our National Security. Where we've already legalized drugs that are or more dangerous then marijuana, like tobacco and alcohol, tobacco probably being the worst of the three. Its very addictive, linked to several diseases and actually if you got too far with it, has similar side effects as meth, people losing their hair and voice, aging much faster then. They should and so fourth but its legal in America for a couple of reasons, one good, the other not good. The good reason is that we've decided as a country that we need to have a certain level of Freedom of Choice and Personal Responsibility, that adult Americans need to be able to make. Their own decisions and then be held accountable for those decisions, same decision that we've made as a country about alcohol. They also have powerful lobbies that have lobbied to keep their drugs legal, while preventing future competition like lets says marijuana and thats the bad reason. Why alcohol and tobacco are legal in America and why marijuana isn't.

We have so many problems in this country relating to our economy but the War on Drugs represents a big percentage of that problem. Because marijuana is a money maker, not for alcohol and tobacco, huge threat to those industries and they would have to adapt to remain profitable. But huge money maker for the rest of the country, through the jobs it would create with a Marijuana Industry and the Tax Revenue that it would generate off from the people who would use it. It would also be a huge money saver for Tax Payers because instead of looking for ways to fund new prisons and jails for drug users and figure out which taxes to raise to pay for that. Or what teachers or Law Enforcement officers we should lay off, we could use some of this new Tax Revenue to fund those things that we need, whereas the War on Drugs is a complete money loser.

As a country our government that is, we claim to care about drug users, especially addicts but how do we treat them. By locking them up in jail or prison and leaving them addicted to their drug or drugs of choice and they end up back on the streets doing the same things that landed them. In jail to begin with, this is just one example of how stupid Marijuana Prohibition and the broader War on Drugs is in America.