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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: The Day In 100 Seconds: Are You Better Off?: How Democrats Should Answer This Question

Are we better off as a country then we were four years ago, overall we are and here's why, we are no longer in recession. Which I know is very hard to believe for someone whose out of a job and can't find work right now, who had a good job or even a job four years ago. But the fact is the economy is now growing and we are now creating jobs, as slow as those things are. The Stock Market was 6-7K four years ago, today its twice that, we are no longer at war with Iraq and Afghanistan and we are actually. In the process of pulling out of those countries, as Vice President Biden said over the weekend, four years ago Osama Bin Laden was alive and General Motors was dying. Four years later Osama is dead and General Motors is alive and well and once again the largest automaker in the World. Yes our National Debt has grown by 5T$ in the last four years but that tends to happen in a "Great Recession" where a lot of the Private Sector is essentially bankrupt. And what the Federal Government did was put a lot of money back into the Private Sector to prevent a depression from happening. People need to remember that things were horrible four years ago and we've made progress since.

Everyone can answer this question for them self, if you are a Republican four years ago you were being kicked of power completely. Now you have some power back and you are competing for more, so clearly you are better off then you were four years ago, which is one reason why you should be considering. Voting Democratic in the fall but what Republicans are going to do instead, is try to make this question as simplistic as possible, things are bad now. President Obama has four years to fix the problems and has failed to do so and its time for a change. The way Democrats should counter this is by saying things are bad now but they use to be worse and they are getting better. And if you reelect us we can move the country forward, if you elect Republicans, all you'll get from them are the same policies that put us in the situation that we are in today.

The Democrats have a tougher case to make, Americans tend to prefer simplicity over wonk
but the advantage that Democrats is their competition or lack of it. They can say I know you are not thrilled with us but do you really want to turn the keys over to the White House and Congress. To the people that caused the problems that we are in today or do you want to move forward, pardon the term and get back to doing the things that make our country great.