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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, September 14, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: The Day In 100 Seconds: Values Voters: Why Some Republicans are Going to Vote Libertarian for President

There's new polling evidence that suggest that there are Libertarian and perhaps Conservative Republicans who are considering voting for. Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson and a reason why Mitt Romney isn't polling as high as he should be in some of these polls and no. Thats not the fault of Gary Johnson, its the fault of Mitt Romney for not being able to appeal to actual Conservative Republicans and I'm not talking about Neoconservative but Reagan Conservatives. Who don't like Big Government as it relates to the economy or Social Issues and they don't like Mitt Romney and one reason they don't see him as Conservative enough. That he's too far in bed with Neoconservatives on Foreign Policy and going out of his way to appeal to Religious Conservatives that he needs to vote for him to get elected. This is a damn if I do or damn if don't situation for Mitt Romney, because there are still enough Conservative and Libertarian. Republicans that if they don't vote Republican in the fall, will cost Mitt Romney the Presidential Election and if loses bad enough, that could put the House of Representatives in play for Democrats. As well but if Mitt doesn't get Religious Conservatives and they stay home, he can't get elected either.

The way I see it and why President Obama will get reelected is, because either way Mitt is damned. He can't have Libertarians voting for Gary Johnson when they might otherwise vote for him but he can't have Religious Conservatives not voting at all, he needs both of these very different. Factions especially on Social Issues and Foreign Policy to vote for Mitt and Mitt not being as bad as President Obama from their perspective, is not good enough for them. They are going to need a reason to like Mitt, Libertarians don't want an Economic Conservative, thats. Going to interfere with their personal lives and Religious Conservatives don't want an Economic Conservative. Whose not going to interfere with peoples personal lives who want Social Issues on the table in this election and debate what it means to be an American and how much Social Freedom should we have as a country. Religious Conservative think we have too much of it.

Here's an opportunity for the Libertarian Party, not to win the 2012 Presidential Election but to build up the LP. And Gary Johnson is the guy who can do it, because he has the ability to appeal to Libertarians and still look sane, which isn't always easy to do, he's not a Conspiracy Theorist. And he can also appeal to Liberal Democrats such as myself who aren't in love with President Obama and bring Libertarian Republicans, Liberal Democrats and Independents over to the LP and take it out of the rear end of Mitt Romney.