Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, September 27, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: Fox & Friends: "The Polls Are Rigged!": Are They Really This Dumb?

We now know, meaning anyone paying attention to the Right Winger media, whose not a Right Winger themselves. Thats right both of us know, how Right Wingers are going to react, assuming Mitt Romney loses to the President and at this point it looks like it might be overwhelmingly. The media did it, its the media's fault that Mitt Romney doesn't seem to know what he believes about the key issues. Which is why he gets caught in all of these gaffes, sometimes two a week or bad news about his campaign, the whole Clint Eastwood episode about a month ago at the RNC, its the media's. Fault that Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan to be his VP Nominee, someone whose never even run or been elected statewide, let alone run nationally, to be his VP Nominee. Really other then his Congressional Office, whose never even run anything in his life, the party of Personal Responsibility. Actually I guess I should the party that use to be the party of Personal Responsibility. Is now looking to blame anyone else other then their own Leadership for running such a lousy campaign. The problems that Mitt Romney is going through, never happened to George W. Bush, because whether you liked him or not, at least you knew what he believed and what he wanted to do.

At some point the Right Wing in America, including the Republican Party, is going to have to realize. That even though they were given a great hand going into 2012, weak economy, high deficit and debt, a President who wasn't very popular that they would get to run against, that they didn't play. Their hand, they essentially folded with the candidates they put up and compromised on a guy who can't win over both the Far Right and Independents and right now he's not doing well with either. It was either Mitt Romney, somewhere between Center Right and Center Left, depending on what day it is on the issues, against a bunch of other Far Right candidates, except for Tim Pawlenty who. Apparently decided that he didn't want to be President, after he decided to run for President and a Libertarian in Ron Paul, whose about thirty years past where the GOP use to be, who. Never had an ice cubes chance of surviving in hell of winning the GOP Presidential Nomination and thats now how you win elections.