Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Talking Points Memo: Representative John Lewis On Voting Rights Attacks: 'I've Seen This Before': Rep. Lewis Getting Out The Democratic Vote

As far as just delivering a speech from their heart and their delivery, nobody delivers a better speech then Representative John Lewis. When it comes to Democrats and I believe in the country as a whole, I believe John Lewis does a better job then both Reverend Jesse Jackson and Mario Cuomo and thats great company. As far as making a case and argument, Bill Clinton is still the best at that and what Rep. Lewis was doing just about an hour ago at the DNC, was to remind Democrats whether you are still on the Obama Bandwagon or are disappointed with him or are high as a kite and can't. Tell the difference between Barack Obama and the GOP and haven't gotten the memo that we still live in a a two party society, for good or bad and that Democrats and Republicans are actually different. Not two factions in the same party that Progressives and Libertarians tend to claim, that if you don't get out and vote, vote Democratic rather then vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party. That is your fault, you had the opportunity to vote Democratic and prevent a Romney/Ryan Administration and Tea Party Congress and you blew it like blowing a twenty one point fourth quarter lead in a football game.

The modern Democratic Party has been fighting for Voting Rights for all Americans the last sixty years. So hard that they've actually given up their lives for this basic fundamental Constitutional Right and when you don't exercise this Constitutional Right, even because you are worried. About being turned down because you are young or minority, its almost as if all of those people who died fifty years ago so young people could vote today, that they died in vain. And what Democrats have to do in 2012 to not only prevent a Romney/Ryan Administration to go along with a Tea Party Congress. To prevent this from happening, Democrats all Democrats who care about Democratic Values, need to stand up, step up to the plate and exercise their right to vote. But vote Democratic and when we do that, we win elections, when we don't we get our clocks cleaned by Republicans like in 2010, when so many Democrats didn't do their part and show up to the polls.

John Lewis's exact mission today was to get out the Democratic Vote, get Democrats to the polls to do their jobs and vote Democratic. And get other Democrats to the polls as well, we lost in 2010 because of the intensity gap, Republicans couldn't wait to vote in 2010 and Democrats saw Election Day 2010 as just another day off. And Rep. Lewis tonight was laying out the case why Democrats have to vote in 2012.