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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: President Obama On Mitt Romney's Libya Response: 'Shoot First And Aim Later'

President Obama summed up the whole tragedy in Libya today where the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed. Where the Romney Campaign released a statement right after the tragedy happened and said this tragedy was the result of President Obama essentially being weak on the Middle East. Apologizing to Middle Eastern terrorists for past America Foreign Policies and that when you show this type of weakness, these tragedies happen. I paraphrased what Governor Romney said but thats pretty close and this before he says anything about the tragedy itself, not evening mentioning Ambassador Stevens or the Stevens Family. And most importantly before all the facts are known about how this tragedy happened, who was involved, how it happen and so fourth, shooting first asking questions later. And perhaps not evening asking them until there's evidence that you might be wrong or as President Obama put it "shooting first, aiming later" and Senator John Kerry Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee said, whose forgotten more about Foreign Policy then Mitt Romney. Will ever know and they are only about three years apart in age said, a statement like this given in the time it was. Makes Governor Romney look like he doesn't know what he's talking about and that he should apologize.

The whole tragedy is bad enough, a twenty one year veteran of the USFS or United States Foreign Service. Who lately only worked in the hot spots around the World, he worked in Egypt and Syria before, being murdered in the prime of his career and the lost to his family and so fourth. All of that and the fact that our security over there is apparently not good enough but to release a statement. Right after it designed to score political points against the President, especially as it comes to Foreign Policy, where President Obama has like a ten point lead there. And has high Approval Ratings as it relates to Foreign Affairs, gives the President another opportunity to look Presidential, which is exactly how you want to look in a situation like this. And Mitt Romney another opportunity to look like a politician who'll say anything to score political points against his opponent, even if that means changing positions.

I know I'm going to misspell this name here but CNN Political Analyst as well as GOP Political Strategist Alex Costellanos. Said that Mitt Romney's statement here is a "game changer" that he'll score big from it as a result and close the gap between him and President Obama. He's right about the game change part but if anything, it will be a further drag on Governor Romney. Because he's going to come off as tasteless and not ready from prime time, making a big statement like that before all the facts are known.