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Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, September 7, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Talking Points Memo: Mitt Romney Cutting Back In Swing States: Why The Midwest Will Reelect President Obama

The Romney/Ryan Campaign pulling out of Michigan is not a big deal in this sense, that Michigan was probably going to go for President Obama anyway. What the Romney/Ryan Campaign was attempting to do here, was to expand the playing field, which is what the Obama/Biden Campaign did back in 2008. But is a big deal in this sense, its one less place that Mitt Romney can go to try to pickoff from President Obama and it means they still have to defend Republican Territory, that Republicans lost in 2008. Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana and Colorado, Mitt Romney needs to win at least three of these States and Ohio and Florida has to be one of them. For the Romney/Ryan Campaign to get elected, they are still trailing in Ohio and essentially tied in Florida and thats despite the bad economy. That Republicans are still trying to win back States that they have to have and why is that, because the Romney/Ryan Campaign hasn't sold the sale, they haven't made. The case why their Administration would be better then the current Obama/Biden Administration and I've said for several months that the Midwest will decide this Presidential Election, as well as who will be in charge of the House of Representatives next year as well.

Not only is President Obama ahead in the Midwest but he's the favorite as well and why is that, its called the Auto and Manufacturing Industries. All of those jobs being saved as a result of the Auto Bailouts in 2009, this region is very dependent on the Auto Industrie and not just in Michigan. And ohio but Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin as well, Ohio a State that Republicans basically at this point have to have to elect Mitt Romney President, unemployment is down, General Motors. Is back on top, unemployment up in Michigan but the President still has a lead there, without the Auto Bailout, unemployment would be up even more. Michigan is a big State, its also. Mitt Romney's birthplace but he was against the Auto Bailouts that saved hundreds of thousands of jobs and not just in Detroit, Michigan's only big city and metro area but in Western Michigan as well.

The reason why President Obama is the favorite to get reelected, his reelection is certainly not guaranteed. But he's the favorite, because all of those States that he took from Republicans in 2008, that Republicans have to win to win the Presidential Election. Despite the economy, he's still leading in them or is tied, leading in Virginia and Ohio, tied in North Carolina and Florida. Because Mitt Romney has been unable to communicate to Blue Collar voters in these States.