Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Libertarianism.Org: Milton Friedman on Tides of Political Thought in Modern History- From 1999

Source: Libertarianism.Org-Milton Friedman-
Source: Libertarianism.Org: Milton Friedman on Tides of Political Thought in Modern History

By 1999 big government socialism (or social democracy, if you prefer)  was already out of style in the United States. People were tired of high taxes, deficit spending and wanted more economic freedom to live their own lives. But this started in the mid and late 1970s and with Ronald Reagan in 1980, people were given more economic freedom with across the board tax cuts and regulations. But government didn't get smaller in 1981 under President Reagan. It just taxed a lot less, which is a big difference and which is why the debt and deficits went up the way they did in the 1980s. The cuts in regulations actually started in the late 1970s under President Carter. When he deregulated the airlines and other industries and America started developing other energy industries, like wind and solar. Big government statism was already out of style. That is big government coming from the right, what you see from Neoconservatives in America as well.  It's just taken Democrats longer to beat big government Republicans, than it's taken Republicans to beat big government Democrats. But big government from the right and left has lost a lot of ground for the last thirty years.