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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Self-Ownership: John Stossel Interviewing Gary Johnson- A Libertarian For President

If you poll or ask I bet the overwhelming majority of Americans, they'll tell you that they tend to believe in fiscal responsibility, at least with government. Perhaps not so much with their own finances and they believe in at least some level of tolerance when it comes to social issues. That people should be treated as such, not by what groups they are members of, as long as they are not criminals or something, but be treated as individuals not members of groups. And be able to be as successful in life, based on how hard they work and how productive that they are.

Americans tend to believe that people shouldn't be judged by who they know. Who their parents are or what groups they are members of and so-forth, on paper at least. An audience like this should play very well for someone like Gary Johnson. Americans like things like Social Security and Medicare and what you got from Libertarians in the past, was that these programs were unconstitutional and should be abolished. As such but that's not what you get from Gary Johnson, who says these programs have a purpose, but that the Federal Government shouldn't be running them. And that the states should have more authority to govern their own people.

But for whatever reasons and most of it has to do with our two-party system duopoly, Gary Johnson can't seem to do higher than 5% in the polls. And I bet the Johnson/Gray Campaign polls, assuming they have pollsters, are telling Gary Johnson and Jim Gray similar things. But it's not because of the message, but the fact that Democrats and Republicans with all the commissions and so-forth where they are only represented.

The Democrats and Republicans, have set up a system that only benefits them and is why this system should be blown up. So we can have more voices and more philosophies represented in it. And people like Gary Johnson would then do a lot better politically in it, because more Americans would hear the message and decide, this person kinda looks at politics they way I do and I should not only vote for them because we tend to agree, but now they even have a chance to win and not play spoiler.