Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cato Institute: Robert A. Levy: "The Differences Among Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians

If you listen to Robert Levy talk about Liberals and Conservatives, you would get the idea, that Liberals. Are believers in a high degree of Social Freedom, which we are we believe in a lot of Liberty on these issues but that Liberals are more Statist and Socialist when it comes to Economic Policy. Big believers in Centralize Power, high taxes and regulations, the Welfare State and so fourth, which is not true, people who have this ideology, would be Progressives, Socialists. Social Democrats, however you want to define this philosophy but people who believe in these things aren't Liberals but Progressives, Socialists, Social Democrats, people who would be Left of Center. In Canada or Europe and if you listen to Mr. Levy talk about Conservatives, you might get the idea that they are Economic Libertarians, sound Libertarian on Economic Policy but more Statist. On Social Issues and National Security, Mr. Levy is right about Economic Policy in talking about Conservatives but when I think of Conservatives, I think of someone like Barry Goldwater. Or his son Barry JR or Representative Jeff Flake whose carried on the Goldwater Conservative tradition in Congress out in Arizona. That Economic Freedom and Fiscal Conservatism. Are important but so is Social Freedom and Civil Liberties and having a strong defense that makes sense and that we ca afford as a country as well, that doesn't hurt us.

The differences between Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians are actually fairly small, if you look. At in a classical sense, which is what I do, I don't buy terms like "Modern Liberals and Conservatives", to me these people are Social Democrats/Progressives and Neoconservatives, people who. Are more Statist and Collectivists but in different ways, with Progressives mainly when it comes to Economic Policy but also when it comes to Public Health and even certain political speech. With Neoconservatives mainly as it relates to Social Freedom and National Security, that there's some type of "Moral Crisis", in the country and we need to limit Social Freedom. To end the crisis and that National Security concerns should always outweigh Civil Liberties and even the US Constitution. The main differences when it comes to real Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians, has to do with the role of the Federal Government, Liberals and Conservatives both believe in Limited Government. But Libertarians however believe in Small Government, that the Federal Government should really only be doing 4-5 things.

The main differences between Liberals and Conservatives, has to do with Foreign Policy and National Security. They both believe in a strong and efficient National Defense, thats based around our National Security and values but that it should be limited and that America can't police. The World, Liberals tend to be more diplomatic, Conservatives tend to be more hawkish but both are very careful about using our Armed Forces and when it comes to the economy. Liberals are more willing to regulate people they see as bad actors to use as an example, Conservatives. Tend to believe the regulation tends to hamper Economic Growth but basically Liberals and Conservatives have more in common, then we disagree on.