Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, October 5, 2012

Liberty Pen: Harry Browne: "Why Drugs Should Be Legalized": How America Should Deal With Narcotics

First of all the word war is overused way too much in America, kinda like awesome, hot, fabulous, genius and so fourth. Because we don't have a War on Drugs in America, its a bad title, Wars are between two sides, literally trying to destroy each other or at least occupy a certain amount of land. Wars are combat, where weapons and soldiers are involved, people killing each other to defend their side. They are not political debates but actual battles, so I hate the term War on Drugs, for one I disagree with it but another its just bad language, we have a campaign against narcotics in America. At least narcotics that the Federal Government has decided that Americans shouldn't have and protect ourselves from them, even if that means locking us up in places that are only bad for people. For the most part, three and a half years ago when I first started blogging, I came out in favor of legalizing marijuana and ending the so. Called War on Drugs, that marijuana should be legalized and regulated like alcohol and tobacco. If marijuana is a narcotic, then so is alcohol and tobacco, because the danger levels in all three are about the same. Actually tobacco might be the most dangerous of the three and that we shouldn't legalize cocaine, heroin and meth but. We shouldn't treat people who use these drugs not as criminals but as patients and send them to rehab, instead of jail.

I still believe I have a solid position on the so called War on Drugs and that would be a much better way. To deal with narcotics in America, stop arresting people for what they do to themselves, especially for something that has similar side effects as alcohol, we would save a lot of. Money not having to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate people for using narcotics, saving billions. Of dollars each year as a country, with marijuana being legal, it would actually be a net plus for the economy, creating a new industry, jobs and so fourth, does anyone in America believe. We have too many jobs right now, it would also save our governments money and bring in new revenue, to fund things that government should be doing, catching, prosecuting. And incarcerating actual criminals, who pose threats to society, as well as schools and roads to use as other examples, by taxing marijuana, we would also be able to cut other. Taxes, like regressive Property Taxes to use as an example.

And even though my original idea for how to deal with narcotics I believe is still sound, I believe we should do even more. Decriminalize not legalize at least cocaine and heroin, meaning that if someone is caught with either of these two drugs, they would be stripped of those drugs and. Pay a fine if the are convicted, sorta how we deal with people who violate traffic laws. We wouldn't even arrest them, give them a ticket and take their illegal narcotics, if they are caught. In possession of illegal narcotics, as well as high, then they would be arrested and if found guilty, sent to Drug Rehab at their expense and would be released once their doctors feel they. Are ready and if they are caught under the influence of illegal narcotics while driving to use as an example, they would be treated the same way as drunk drivers but sent to jail for. Being under the influence, this would a much better approach then what we are doing now.