Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, October 29, 2012

LibertyPen: Video: PBS Firing Line: Margaret Thatcher: Capitalism and a Free Society From 1977

What America, Canada, Britain, Europe and Australia have figured out and agree on, is that freedom and. Capitalism works, we differ in what type of Democracy and Capitalism that we should have, America having the most Private of Enterprise Systems, we tax the less and are the less regulated. And I would argue that we have the most Liberal System when it comes to Social Freedom as well, especially. As it relates to Free Speech but all of these countries have decided that freedom and Capitalism works and its just a matter of how much of it we should have. All of these countries have Liberals, we all have Conservatives and we all have lets say Progressives or Democratic Socialists. And we have people who are further to the left and right of all of these political factions but we've all decided that freedom and Capitalism works and its just a matter of how much that. Individuals should have and how much we can handle for ourselves.

As a Liberal I believe the people should have the freedom to live their own lives and be as successful. As they possibly can, based on what they contribute to society and that we should then be taxed based on our ability to pay but not to the point that it hurt or discourages peoples ability. To be successful and productive and that we should have the freedom to live our own lives, as long as we aren't hurting innocent people with what we are doing. People much further to the left or right of me, however you want to label them who aren't Liberals, the idea of Individual Freedom. Is a dangerous concept that if we have so much of it, people won't know what to do with it and make mistakes with their own lives or make decisions that they would consider. To be immoral or that some people would end up being so successful and Independent, that inequality. Would increase in society, I simply disagree with all of that.

For people who aren't very successful in life and don't have the freedom that people who are successful. Do, we shouldn't tell them tough, you should've finished school or gotten a better education or whatever the reasons why they aren't successful in life. But we shouldn't say that people who have been successful in life should be forced to subsidize and take care of the people who. Aren't, what we should do is empower the people who haven't made it in life, to get the freedom to take care of themselves, so they can can be free to live their own lives as well.