Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reason: Why American Health Care Costs More Than Canada's: "A Mercedes Costs More Then a Corolla": How To Cut Costs Without Cutting Care

To put it simply, the main reason why Canada has a cheaper Healthcare System then America, the United States. Spends roughly twice as much of our Gross National Product or GDP, for people who follow these things, is because they ration healthcare and I don't mean that in bad way and its not. A political statement, the Canadian Federal Government doesn't allow for any non Public Health Insurer, the Federal Government provides all of the Health Insurance for a country of roughly 35M. People, despite being the second largest country in the World physically and what the Feds do up there, is to say we are only going to cover so much of healthcare in this country with our. Health Insurance, based on what we feel Canadians need to be healthy and to survive and then we'll charge Canadians through taxes, to pay for the healthcare we believe they need to stay healthy. And survive, as well as Progressives who are in favor of Single Payer Health Insurance, will say well the Private Health Insurance Industry does the same thing, well thats also true, a big. Reason why I'm not a fan of either the American or Canadian Healthcare System, at least before the Affordable Care Act was created in 2010, that put into law that the US Federal Government. Will now regulate the Private Health Insurance Industry.

Obviously Canadians can have whatever Healthcare System that they want that they pay for but because. They have a Healthcare System that costs half of ours, with a Single Payer System Socialist System, doesn't mean Americans have to do the same thing, nor will we and just because Europe. In a lot of cases has a Public/Private Healthcare System, a combination of public and private hospitals and Health Insurers and there Healthcare Systems costs half of ours. GDP and in Germany's case, a Private Health Insurance System and Japan and Taiwan has a Public/Private Systems, means we have to do the same thing, the fact is we already have a. Public/Private Healthcare System, its just not as nearly as efficient as it can and should be, the. Fact is the rest of the Developed World does have Universal Healthcare but they don't all have Single Payer Healthcare Systems, a few do and a lot of others don't.

To state the obvious just to make this point, America needs a Healthcare System, that works best for us. And that means a well regulated system, where we have competition across the board, where Americans can decide for themselves, how they get their Health Insurance but where we all contribute. To it, we all pay our share of it but we decide who we pay, do we want For Profit, Health Insurance, maybe we want private Non Profit Health Insurance, maybe we want public. Non Profit Health Insurance instead of having to wait until we are 65 to collect Medicare or maybe we want a Health Savings Account instead, put money away just for healthcare. But where we make these decisions for ourselves and not government or private companies.