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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LearnLiberty: What Can We Cut to Balance the Budget

We can't balance the budget in a year but 5-10 years, when we get solid Economic Growth again with falling. Unemployment, we can do that, if we ever figure out what we want the United States Government doing and then figure out how to pay for what we want the Federal Government to do, without. Borrowing to pay for it and once we do that, then we can eliminate or cut back on things we don't believe the Federal Government should be doing and what we believe the Feds should be doing. Less, for example we don't need to pay for the National Security of Developed Nations, that can afford to defend themselves, we need to either get our troops out of those countries or have those. Countries pay us for all of the defense we give them, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. We don't need the Federal Government to run a Safety Net for a country of 320M people and that has fifty States, the States should be running their own versions of these programs, with the Feds. Giving them the resources to do so, as well as playing a watchdog to make sure that they are serving the people who are eligible for them and running these programs in an effective and efficient manner. And then we need a Tax Code that taxes everyone based on what they can afford to pay but is consistent with sustaining solid Economic Growth, these would be my ideas.