Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reason: Peter Suderman: Medicare Reform: Not So Toxic After All?

Medicare Reform: Not So Toxic After All?

Medicare Reform I believe if fairly easy as far as what can be done to fix it, the costs of the program are going. Up faster then we'll afford to cover them in the future, so to counter that we need to cut those increases in costs. Sounds easy and more difficult to accomplish it but the solutions to fix this problem are fairly simple and doing simple things like requiring the wealthy to may more for their Medicare coverage. Or allowing people who aren't eligible for Medicare and won't be eligible for Medicare for a while, people who. Are Gen Xers such as myself an Millenials, people born after 1960 to opt out of Medicare and to purchase other Health Insurance. With the money that would've been spent to cover their Medicare or allowing non seniors to pay into Medicare for their Health Insurance, would bring down the costs of. Medicare because healthier people would be part of the system and Medicare wouldn't have to cover as many people.

The problems I see with Medicare are political, once you start talking about reforming Medicare, whether you. Are a Democrat or a Republican, you get accused by the other side of either hurting or trying to destroy Medicare. We saw this during the Healthcare Reform debate of 2009-10 and we are seeing that now with how Democrats are responding to the Romney/Ryan Medicare Reform plan. And Romney/Ryan being accused to trying to end Medicare but the solutions to reforming Medicare are fairly simple and easy. As far as what can be done to fix the program.