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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: ReasonTV: Nick Gillespie: How Mitt Romney and Republicans Can Appeal to Libertarians

On paper anyway, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party should have the easier time in appealing to Libertarians. Because thats where Libertarians originally come from for the most part and Republicans have traditionally have supported things like Fiscal and Economic Conservatism and even. Social Conservatism in the classical sense, that they believe in conserving Social Freedom, Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms, is a Republican phrase that Barry Goldwater came up. With, the problem with that, is thats not today's Republican Party, as much as they talk about Fiscal Conservatism, they want to spend hundred of billions of dollars more on National Defense, even. More money then the Defense Department wants to spend and they have no serious plan to deal with the debt and deficit, that gets those things under control, no plan for real Entitlement Reform. No plan for real Tax Reform, other then cutting taxes further and leaving in existing Tax Loopholes and they would leave the Defense Budget off the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction. And the GOP really should stand for the BGP, Big Government Party when it comes to Social Freedom, because todays GOP doesn't believe in Social Freedom, unless Americans are living the. Lives that Neoconservatives want them to live.

I could layout a strategy for how Mitt Romney could appeal to Libertarians, that would move the Republican Party. Back to where they use to be, that would bring Libertarians and Conservative Independents back to the party, the problem with that is that Mitt Romney is most famously known for. Flip flopping and for a strategy like this to work, he would've had to of start it two years ago and ran on it and basically kissed off Neoconservatives, unless he could convince them to vote for. Him because he the best shot at beating President Obama and instead of just run for real Conservative Republicans, the ones that still remain in the party, people like Representative Jeff Flake. Libertarians, as well as Conservative Independents, that would've been a winning strategy in 2011 and put him in position to win in 2012 but its way to late for that now in October, 2012, just a few weeks until the election.