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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, October 11, 2012

RT America: The Big Picture: "Proof Romney & Ryan are Consumed by the Libertarian Utopian Me Society"

I have a real hard time believing that Ayn Rand would see either Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan as Libertarians. Today especially since both Governor Romney and Representative Ryan both believe in some form of a Safety Net, they would do it a lot different from Liberals or Progressives though. Apparently according to Thom Hartmannn, if you don't subscribe to Big Government Progressivism, you. Are selfish, thats basically what he says in this editorial, that anyone who believes that the wealthy shouldn't have to pay high taxes, you are selfish and part of some type of "Me Society". Mr. Hartmann goes from attacking Libertarianism when it comes to the economy, to speaking in favor of Socialism, thats its the job of government to take from the wealthy and spread. That money around, so its more evenly divided throughout the economy and not take from the rich and directly give it to the poor but have the Federal Government take that money from the rich. And use it to take care of the poor, not use it to empower the poor but literally take care of them, which is a classical Socialist notion, that there should be such thing, as wealthy, middle. Or poor people, that we are all equal and its the job of government to bring this about.