Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Government: John Galt: "Price Gouging?" NJ Governor Chris Christie is Already Talking About Raising Taxes to Pay For Hurricane Sandy

Price gouging? Chris Christie is already talking about raising taxes to pay for Hurricane Sandy

The more I learn about Chris Christie is the more different he is from the Tea Party, he's sane for one and he's also a Governor. And public official who puts doing his job and his people over whatever partisan political philosophy and movement. That he might be subscribed to, he just got hit with perhaps the worst hurricane in the history of the Northeast and in October at all times. When the weather in New Jersey is starting to get cold, this was not one of those late summer hurricanes that we see in the Southeast. When the weather is still hot and humid but in the Northeast in October when the weather is starting to get cold. He got with and teamed up with President Obama simply because he needed his help and put his state over his party and. Whatever political movement that he might be part of right now and because of all the damage and because of. How both New Jersey and the Federal Government are scrapped as far as cash right now, is considering doing. Something he normally wouldn't do, which is to raise taxes to pay for the cleanup of Hurricane Sandy.

The whole Hurricane Sandy episode that the Northeast the is still experiencing and having to deal with rather. Then watch it on TV like the rest of the country, does bring up a couple questions that needs to be answered in the future. Especially with the situation of the economy, debt and deficit, whose best to deal with disasters like this and how do we fund it in a way that can prevent us from having to put the money. On the national debt to pay for in the future, so do we need a National Disaster Fund to pay for these cleanups that. Could be run by the states with the resources to pay for it and do we need some type of Disaster Insurance System. To help property owners who watch their properties get wiped out when a disaster like this happens, that again could be run by the states as well. Not talking about new Big Government Federal programs but things the states could run by themselves.