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Friday, November 16, 2012

FBN: John Stossel Show: Gary Johnson's Future in Politics

I would like to see for the sake of the Libertarian movement, even though I'm a Liberal Democrat and. Proud of that, its not just my political party but political philosophy as well but I would like to see. For the sake of American politics and that we remain at least a two party system, even though I would like to see us double that. Is for the Gary Johnson what I would call Liberal Democrats, who are probably more Libertarian then they are Liberal on economic policy and more. Liberal then they are Libertarian on social issues and perhaps foreign policy, is to see the Gary Johnson. Liberal-Libertarians merge with the Ron Paul classical Libertarians and either takeover todays GOP and run the Neoconservatives out of the party. Or at least out of leadership and run that party, even merge with what's ever left of the classical Conservative movement, the. Goldwater/Reagan coalition in the Republican party and make the GOP a real Conservative Republican party, which is what they aren't right now.

The other option for Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, would be to combine their factions and both go over to the. Libertarian party to build that party up for the long term that would allow that party to be a strong enough third party. And win some elections, some seats in some state legislatures, a Governorship here or there, local council seats. And even win a few seats in Congress, and some House seats here, perhaps some Senate seats over here. But that would have to be a long term strategy, short term they would be better off taking over and occupying the GOP.