Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Lew Rockwell Blog: By Ryan McMaken: "The Conservative Future Is the Same as Its Past": How The GOP is not Conservative Enough

Brooks: The Conservative Future Is the Same as Its Past by Ryan McMaken

I've blogged this before but I really believe this and its true, the problem with the Republican party is not Conservatism. The problem that the GOP is not that they are too Conservative but they aren't Conservative enough, if the objectives of Conservatism. In the political sense to restrain as well as cut the size of government, to conserve individual freedom, thats what Conservatism has always been about in. America but what we've gotten from the GOP in the last twelve years, is not a Conservative revolution and the country becoming. Way too Conservative but what we've gotten from the GOP is more Big Government, it started with No Child Left Behind in 2001-02. The Patriot Act in 2002, Medicare expansion in 2003, two unfunded wars in the Middle East, that have been paid for all by borrowing. And this is just from the Bush Administration.

Post President Bush what we've gotten from the so called Tea Party movement., is not more Big Government economics. But Big Government interference and an interference in how states should manage their own marriage policies. And how they should be able to deal with things like pornography and marijuana, where Neoconservatives have decided that instead of believing in states rights. Which is what the GOP use to be about, that Neoconservatives would like to take the power away from the states. To regulate these activities and instead of Americans being able to make these decisions for themselves, that the. Federal Government should be making these decisions for the people instead, the problem with the GOP. Is not that they've become two Conservative but that they aren't Conservative enough, they've combine economic Conservatism with religious Conservatism and have become Statist as a result.

What the GOP needs to do in the future to remain a major political party that one day could be a governing party again. Instead of just controlling the lower chamber of Congress with a small majority, is once again become the Conservative party of the United States. Not just a party thats to the right of the Democratic party, that actually believes in individual freedom, not just economic and religious freedom. But social freedom as well, along with Federalism and believe the states should be able to govern themselves. Rather then trying to tell Americans how to live their lives or what it means to be an American.