Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Lew Rockwell Blog: Clyde Wilson: Why Save the Republican Party?

Why Save the Republican Party? by Clyde Wilson

There's been talk in the last week or so of where the Republican party should go from here, after losing a Presidential. Election with almost very major demographic group overwhelmingly thats not traditionally and one traditional Republican group that they tend to win and in big numbers. College educated people, they split that vote 51-49 and with the Republican base getting older, dying off and smaller not being. Replaced for the future, there's been talk including on this blog of where the GOP should go from here and if. Anything should they become more Democratic on the social issues, we already have a Democratic party, a party I''m a proud member of as a Liberal. We don't need another Democratic party but we do need a Conservative Republican party that can compete with Democrats today. And into the future and the way the GOP is today, they are simply not built to last as a major political party, just look. At the US Senate race in North Dakota of all places last week, a state that Mitt Romney won overwhelmingly and yet Democrats. Held that seat and will send another Democratic Senator from that state to Congress.

Republicans don't need to become more Democratic to succeed in the future but they do need to become more. Republican but in the traditional sense and get back to why they become relevant again in the 1960s, because of the ideas. That Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan pushed, less government and more freedom and that social freedom is also freedom and they need to also become more Republican. In the sense that they believe in the Republic that the United States is still a Republic and should always. Remain that way and stop trying to force their religious views on everyone else who doesn't agree with them. Which is a majority of the country and stop complaining about religious intolerance every time a law is passed that has nothing to do. With them personally but may go against their religious beliefs, like same sex marriage to use as an example.

The Republican message on economics and the need for fiscal Conservatism is sound in the sense, of lower. Taxes and regulations, decentralization, debt and deficits are bad and need to be addressed and fixed but they are missing the social freedom part of their message. And if they can at least get to the point that it should at least be left up to the states to decide these key social issues and that the. Federal Government should step back, then that would go a long way for the GOP in bringing in new voters.