Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Monday, November 26, 2012

FRSFreeStateNow: Lew Rockwell Blog: Ron Paul: "Five Greatest Dangers to a Free Society": The Two Main Dangers to Liberal Democracy

5 Greatest Dangers to a Free Society by Ron Paul

The dangers for a free society if you want to call it that, no matter where we live we are never free to do whatever we want. But putting that aside for the moment, other then to say the idea should be about living in a Democratic society, not majoritarian. Where everything is done by majority rule but a Liberal Democratic society where we are free to live our own lives as we see fit. As long as we are not hurting any innocent people with what we are doing, thats the type of society that I'm in favor of and believe in. As a Liberal Democrat, not the only type of society of Democracy, there are Liberal Democracies and then there are. Social Democracies that you see in Canada, Europe and Australia to use as examples and then there are also. Lets say more Statist Democracies, where the people there are essentially free but with more restrictions on how people. Can live their lives, what the media can report and what people can say about the State, that you see in Eurasia to use as an example.

The main dangers I see to a Liberal Democratic society, come from both the right and left, people who are to. The right of Liberal Democratic thought and people to the left of Liberal Democratic thought, Neoconservatives. On the right who don't like how some Americans live their lives and see their behavior as immoral and would like to outlaw. Certain things that are legal today but they see as immoral and Social Democrats on the left who want America to be more like Canada or Europe. Where we are less individualistic and more collectivist and more dependent on the state for basic human services. So we are more equal and have less inequality as they see it in the country and would even like to restrict us more. When it comes to social freedom as well, like in the areas of hate speech and perhaps even the right to self defense. And would like to invoke political correctness all across the country.

So as I see it there are really only two main dangers that threaten Liberal Democracy and they come from the fringes. On the left and right, people who see us as too free and would like more restrictions on how we live our lives. And even though there are only two, these dangers are so big that if they were to ever come into power, would threaten our abilities to live freely. Because they would effect our civil liberties, right to privacy, free speech and the economy as well, our economic freedom. As well as how much debt we would owe other countries because from all of the borrowing from our government.