Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Philosophy Club: Professor Anderson: On Liberalism vs. Libertarianism: How They Are Similar But Different

This is a great debate to have, not just for me as a Liberal Democrat but for anyone whose interested. In political philosophy, because Liberalism and Libertarianism are similar, they both are based off and come from the same word. Which is liberty and are both around to protect individual liberal and Liberals and Libertarians look very similar on social issues. And even as it relates to economic policy, that we are both suspicious of Big Government, especially. Centralize government, we are just different in the areas of what should be cut from the Federal Government. And how it would be decentralize, Liberals tend to want to block grant the safety net, whereas Libertarians would simply eliminate the safety net. Gary Johnson again who I consider to a classical Liberal Democrat, meaning not that he's a Libertarian but a classical Liberal. Someone whose not anti government but whose pro limited government, produced a very Liberal plan when. It came to the safety net in 2012 and know he didn't propose to expand it but to decentralize it. And send it to the states to run, Ron Paul would try to eliminate the safety net all together.

Again Liberals and Libertarians are very similar if not identical on social issues, both very strong on individual freedom. And civil liberties, both against the War on Drugs, both would end the War on Drugs, just do it differently. Libertarians would legalize all narcotics that are currently illegal, Liberals would legalize pot and decriminalize other narcotics. And get drug addicts in drug rehab, rather then sending them to jail or prison. Liberals and Libertarians both believe in low taxes, but Liberals like Gary Johnson wouldn't eliminate all taxes, just the. Income tax and move to a consumption tax, we are very similar on social issues just differ on economic and foreign policy. Where Libertarians tend to be isolationist and Liberals tend to be Liberal Internationalists. But we both look like Liberals on social issues and civil liberties and at times its hard to tell the difference.

Someone reading this may say, aren't Liberals those people who are always trying to increase my taxes. And government spending, except in the areas of national security and law enforcement and are big believers in the welfare state. And very government centric and constantly bashing business and trying to tell people what they can eat and drink. And how we can talk to each other and sometimes even sound like they don't like America and so fourth. No these people aren't Liberals, even though some of them tend to be Liberal at least on some social issues and civil. Liberties but these people are Progressives, Social Democrats or even Democratic Socialists but they aren't Liberals.