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Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, November 16, 2012

Lew Rockwell Blog: Jeff Thomas: Equality: The Great Socialist Ideal

Equality – The Great Socialist Ideal by Jeff Thomas

Its true that a lot of goals and objectives that Socialists have and you can't really use the term Socialist in a broad stroke. There are different Socialists, just like there are different Conservatives, Liberals and Libertarians but the goals. Of Socialism are sound that every person should have an opportunity to be successful in life but with a lot of philosophies. Its not always the goals that are the problems, in a lot of cases its not the goals that are the problems, when there are problems but the policies that are in place to. Accomplish those goals, the problem with Socialism and the main problem with Socialism, is that it puts equality. Over opportunity and freedom, so what it will say is that we have this amount of people with this amount of money over here. And then we have all of these people over here with almost nothing, so what we should do is take a good chunk of the money. That the wealthy has to give it to government to take care of the people who don't have enough, instead of empowering the people who don't have enough to get. That freedom that the rest of the country has.

So what can come from Socialism is unintended consequences, a perfect example of that would be the FDR New Deal. Of the 1930s and the LBJ Great Society of the 1960s, where both agendas correctly identified the fact that we simply have too many poor people in America. That is too many people living in poverty but instead of empowering these people to get out of poverty, they left them in poverty but with. Some public assistance checks that made it easier for them to get by but while they were still living in poverty.