Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lew Rockwell Blog: Thomas DiLorenzo: The Forgotten Conservative Republicans You Should Know About

The Forgotten Men You Should Know About by Thomas DiLorenzo

What passes as today's Conservative Republican Party, is no longer a Conservative Party those days are gone.  Todays GOP came about in the early or mid 1990s after they revolted against President George H. Bush, todays GOP. Is a Neoconservative Party across the board, not just on Foreign Policy but Economic Policy and Social Policy as well, thats stuck in the 1950s of what they see America to be. And are now worried that Americans are losing America as they see record numbers of non European Americans voting every. Year and voting Democratic people who are much further to the left of them and more tolerant and inclusive. Of people who aren't exactly like them, especially racially, ethnically, religiously and when it come to sexuality. As well as people whose number one goals aren't to get married and raise kids but people who also have career goals and are even career driven. Especially women who a lot of Neoconservatives men and women, see women's main job is to stay home, raise their kids and make their men happy.

What passes as todays GOP won't be around ten years from now, they are dying off and young people simply. Don't look at life this way and running from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party or even Libertarian Party. Because they don't see Americans who don't don't fit into this 1950s view of America as Un American and tend to be tolerant of people who aren't exactly like them. And young people are simply a voting block that Republicans are going to have to be able to appeal to in the future. To remain a major party and void becoming an indefinite opposition and minority party.