Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lew RockWell Blog: A United Europe? by Alexander Jousse

A United Europe? by Alexander Jousse

This idea that a United Europe could come together and form some new super Federal Republic, perhaps going. As far as Portugal in the West to Italy in Eest and perhaps South Ireland in the Northwest to Germany or Poland in the Northeast. Has been thrown around several times especially in the last fifteen years since they started the European currency and the European Central Bank. Especially with China on the rise across the board, as well as India and Brazil and with Russia back on the rise, Europeans have. Been wondering how do they with twenty seven or so fairly small Federal Republics compared with those. Huge countries that I just named, how would they be able to compete with not only America and Japan in the future. But with China, India, Brazil, Russia and even Mexico in the future and if Europe East of Eurasia were to become. One United Federal Republic, you would be talking about a country of 350-400M people, with perhaps an economy as big or larger then the United States.

Personally as far landmass and population, politics and culturally, racially and ethnically and everything else. Where a United Europe would essentially be dominated by Caucasians as far as in numbers but very diverse ethnically. With Germans, Italians, French and may others living in this country, there would be some cultural differences, as well as linguistic differences. But America and Canada have that and have functioned very well and if Europe could overcome this, Europe would become a superstate that could compete. With anyone in the World, economically, politically, militarily and everything else, it would be country that. Foreigners would want to visit and even immigrate to in the long term short term they are two messed up economically but long term this would be an option to look at.