Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Friday, November 9, 2012

Reason: Jesse Walker: The Taming of the Tea Party

The Taming of the Tea Party

The only person the so called Tea Party movement didn't target to represent them in the Republican primaries. Was the Leader of the Liberty movement, the person who actually believes in what so called Tea Party people claim to be in favor of. Which is Liberty and this person being Ron Paul, hell if they would've targeted Gary Johnson before he left for the Libertarian party. A party that actually believes in Liberty and had the Tea Party endorsed Gary Johnson, they would've had a candidate that would've been able to. Appeal to people outside of the GOP, Liberal Democrats even who aren't in love with the President Obama. Because of issues relating to civil liberties and freedom of choice, from this point of view Gary Johnson would've been a better choice. Then Ron Paul, because Governor Johnson is not quite as far to the right on fiscal policy as Representative Paul, not looking to eliminate the safety net. But decentralize it and I believe he could've brought in some Democrats such as myself with him.

The whole fact that the Tea Party didn't endorse people like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, just goes to show how. Much of a fraud the Tea Party is, that they aren't a new movement in the GOP that can appeal to new voters, young people. Non European Americans but that they are really just the Christian Right with a fiscal message to match their Social Statism. Which is not something an overwhelming majority of Americans support right now.