Freedom or Totalitarianism

Freedom or Totalitarianism
Liberty or Death

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reason: Mike Riggs: Can the GOP Embrace Latinos and Small Government at the Same Time?

Can the GOP Embrace Hispanics and Small Government at the Same Time?

Latino Americans are the future of the Republican Party and will have to be for the Republican Party to remain. A competitive party long term and be able to win statewide let alone nationwide, Caucasians are simply shrinking as a percentage of the popular vote, down two percentage points from 2012. From 2008 and will shrink by another two points within four years, with the way the Republican Party is made up. Today, the more Latinos vote, the more Democrats win thats how President Obama won in an election in  a. Country thats has weakest economy for any President seeking reelection since 1936 with FDR, because more Latinos. Voted and less Caucasians voted, 9-10 African Americans are Democrats but 7-10 Latin Americans are Democrats. So the road for the Republicans to chip away at the Democratic advantage with Latin Americans is shorter and when it comes to the economy, taxes and regulations as well as religion. Latin Americans should at least be in  the ballpark for Republicans.

But for Republicans to bring in Latinos they are going to have to appeal to them, give them reason to vote Republican. And with this hardline Right Wing stance that Republicans have been taking on immigration, other then Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and a few others, as well as some Social Issues. All this does is drive Latinos away from the Republican Party and into the Democratic Party electing an reelecting more. Democrats but George W. Bush has already laid the groundwork for how Republicans can compete for Latino voters. With his two Presidential Elections and now its time for Republicans to take that road.